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Here layeth the remains of its lonely blog...

... put to rest after being hacked and infected with all sorts of slithering, nasty things you can't even imagine (so says my Web host). But not to worry: it's gone and buried, and you won't catch anything just by scrolling and reading here, if you are so inclined. I promise!

It was probably for the best. I created the blog in the days when even unpublished authors who hadn't finished writing their books were told they needed a blog. I could never get into the whole blogging thing as an unpublished, not-even-finished author. It was just a recipe for lameness... and unfortunately, I followed it well.
But then: what to do with the Tribe domain? I decided that, until the book is published, I'll just keep this space for some beta feedback from readers. (I know not everyone wants to read about young reader feedback, but I'm not sure what else to do here.)
Still with me? SUPER! So here's the deal with the feedback: I shared the first two chapters of an early draft with target readers in a Boston area school. My trembling grown-up self that's never stood in front of a classroom of kids asked a crossed-armed battalion of fifth graders if they'd be kind enough to read my stuff. And then share their honest and critical feedback. Picture a room of twenty tender young faces painted with a mixture of what looked like boredom, despair, indignation, and only a tiny bit of forced politeness. The outcome? Every one of them finished the chapters. The slower readers even asked the teacher for more time to finish. One boy (who was one of the slower readers) asked the teacher if he could read the full draft outside of class. They wrote up comments and we discussed the story and its finer points as a group -- and they didn't hold back. It was an invaluable learning experience for me.
Below are excerpts of their markups.
That's all I have to share here for now. Thanks again for stopping by!

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